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About Ty

Ty Burr has been a film critic for the Boston Globe since July 2002. For ten years prior to that, he worked for Entertainment Weekly as the magazine's chief video critic, and also covered film, music, theater, books, and the internet. He began his career at Home Box Office in the 1980s, where he helped program the Cinemax pay-cable service and made the world safe for bad Corey Haim movies.

Ty's latest book, "Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame" was recently published by Pantheon and is available in hardcover and as an e-book. He has also just released the exclusive e-book "The 50 Movie Starter Kit: What You Need To Know If You Want To Know what You're Talking About". His first book, "The Best Old Movies for Families: A Guide to Watching Together" was published by Anchor Books in February, 2007. Ty has written articles on film and other subjects for the New York Times, Spin, the Boston Phoenix, and other publications, and he regularly appears on such media programs as WBUR's "Here and Now," WGBH's "Greater Boston," MSNBC News, and NPR's "All Things Considered."

A member of the National Society of Film Critics and the Boston Society of Film Critics, Ty studied film at Dartmouth College and New York University and is currently an adjunct professor in the Film & TV department of Boston University. He lives in the suburbs of Boston with his wife and two daughters.

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