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Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame


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The paperback edition of my new book, "Gods Like Us:
On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame" is now available from Anchor and can be ordered at your local bookstore or at Amazon. The hardcover edition is also still available. Visit the Bookstore for reviews and further info.

Listen to Ty talk with Terry Gross about "Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame" on NPR's Fresh Air.

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My e-book, "The 50 Movie Starter Kit," tells you the movies you need to know if you want to know what you're talking about. Only $2.99. Visit the Bookstore for further info or order your copy at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.


Oscar night!

Will "12 Years" take the prize? Will the McConaissance strike gold? Here are Ty's best guesses at who will win at Sunday night's Academy Awards.more...

Block buster

My fingers rebel, but type it I must: "The LEGO Movie" is the first great cinematic experience of 2014. more...

Flight risk

Liam Neeson in "Non-Stop": Is there an actor who has ever seemed more miserable about kicking butt?more...

Plane crazy

"The Wind Rises" is a gorgeous, problematic anomaly in Hayao Miyazaki's illustrious career. more...

Shirley Temple 1928-2014

The iconic child star offered a lesson in how to be famous without losing your sanity, humanity, and perspective. more...

Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967-2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead, and the only proper response is unprintable.more...

Folk city

In "Winter's Tale," Akiva Goldsman takes a meat tenderizer to Mark Helprin's beloved novel. more...

Debunker's delight

"Tim's Vermeer" achieves eccentric semi-greatness by placing the act of artistic creation under a microscope. more...

Farm fresh

Zen in the French countryside, the rediscovered "Cousin Jules" is rooted in the past yet feels very much of the moment. more...

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