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Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame


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The paperback edition of my most recent book, "Gods Like Us:
On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame" is available from Anchor and can be ordered at your local bookstore or at Amazon. The hardcover edition is also still available. Visit the Bookstore for reviews and further info.

Listen to Ty talk with Terry Gross about "Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame" on NPR's Fresh Air.

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Living Dahl

"The BFG" is too eccentric to be a massive box-office hit yet too mainstream for a cult following; it nevertheless deserves to be seen. more...

Monkeying Around

How much effort do you put into a broken cultural property like "Tarzan" before you just throw up your hands and walk away? more...

A Boy and his (dead) best friend

"Swiss Army Man" is a rapturously strange comedy-drama that suggests "Cast Away" crossed with "Weekend at Bernie's" more...

Messy, necessary history

"Free State of Jones" is a deeply strange movie, but that's fine -- so is the history on which it's based. more...

Master of disaster

"De Palma" catalogues a filmmaker's obsessions over the decades. more...


Some self-evident observations

Happy birthday, America! The Fourth of July means more than you may realize. more...

A crisp new "Hamilton"

Change happens. Don't let Broadway replacements throw away their shot. more...

The stars still among us

Do you mind if I use today's column for the strictly lightweight task of appreciating some legends who are NOT dead? more...

Brock Turner and Bro culture

Our digital commons is a megaphone inside a bubble -- and sometimes the bubble pops. more...

Take a Chance

Chance the Rapper's "Coloring Book" just bookmarked spring 2016 for me forever. more...

Big screen, small stars

Emilia Clarke stars in a new movie. Who? Oh, right, Daenerys. more...

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